It is raining...


Birds have wings...

Flies buzz...

It is evening...

Grade Two

I go home...

Wellawatta Outdoor Bazaar


Amappa's Eyes


I reached out...

Evening Walk

Awakening shadow...

The Flight

A Robin's Bath

The Heron and the Swan

War on a Mango

Tea with Dadda

Granite Stone

Sigh with the wind...

Today, I have gone back...

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by Krisha Wignarajah

Sigh with the wind that toils
to bring
the sea’s foam to sand.
Bubbles gather, erupt
spray goes back to sea,
leaving only hives behind.
I stand among the cobwebs
those skanky strands
from the deep, twisting,
twirling, sliding around my feet
in and out
between my toes

then they go,
between pricked bubbles, folding
within wavy creases
they hitch a ride back
to the deep
those same hitchhikers
that parted your hair.

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Copyright © 2005 by Krisha Wignarajah
Electronic edition, 2005. ISBN 1-896362-35-4
Print edition forthcoming. ISBN 1-896362-36-2