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by Krisha Wignarajah

The Heron and the Swan

The lesser blue, that is
the greater being too good for the
marshy lands of Billings Bridge.

Water from some leaf
trickled down my forehead and tangled with my curl.
Passing the stone where swans are fed,
I walked down the earthen trail.

The river returned the glassy white gaze
of the sky — too pregnant with contained light.
And then
between two craggy,
beige-brown trees
the heron and the swan.

Tucking into each other's silence
musing at each other's glossed feathers and colour
under lulled day
amidst water in indolent twirls

    flower in mid-nod
even leaf hesitated to spill more of yesterday's rain
and all was quiet on the earthen path
not a curl turned, not a fold flapped.

But dogs
have no reverence for silence.

The Queen's swan, gathered its clipped wings and sailed
the heron unfolded
streaked across the water like
a rebel gray cloud's
descent from heaven,
waking the river once more.

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Copyright 2005 by Krisha Wignarajah
Electronic edition, 2005. ISBN 1-896362-35-4
Print edition forthcoming. ISBN 1-896362-36-2