It is raining...


Birds have wings...

Flies buzz...

It is evening...

Grade Two

I go home...

Wellawatta Outdoor Bazaar


Amappa's Eyes


I reached out...

Evening Walk

Awakening shadow...

The Flight

A Robin's Bath

The Heron and the Swan

War on a Mango

Tea with Dadda

Granite Stone

Sigh with the wind...

Today, I have gone back...

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by Krisha Wignarajah

Evening Walk

She passes by the little land
her breath in creamy clouds that
speed towards the setting sun
her turquoise skirts billow, widen and lengthen
to the wind
her lacey veils swoop towards the innocent,
unassuming little bank
She as quickly and
coyly gathers them back
"Not today," She thinks
as She wades by with fish
rumbling in her stomach.

The little quartz of land
with the pink glow of sunset
on her golden arm
sits prettily
waving her coconut tree,
but She
looks at the pretty land with eyes like whales
and waits
for the wind.

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Copyright 2005 by Krisha Wignarajah
Electronic edition, 2005. ISBN 1-896362-35-4
Print edition forthcoming. ISBN 1-896362-36-2