Foreplay: An Anthology of Word Sonnets

Edited by Seymour Mayne and Christal Steck

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Sylvia Adams
Alone | Mask Journeys

Damien Bailey
Vice or Virtue

J. S. Batts
In the Old Gum Tree | Rainbow Lorikeets

Frank J. Cormier
Flashback at the Oak | Of Men and Cows | Why Canada Has Creativity Problems

Brock Currie
Baby robin's body | Late-day launch

Cyril Dabydeen
Bob Hope | Cosmic Vision | Definition

Dan Doyle
Advice | Sex Ed | Truckers

Amanda Charlotte Earl
alone... | remove...

Barbara Greenberg
Lying... | Pilgrimage...

Bing He

Gary Howard
Fall Exodus | Tightrope

John Kehoe

Glenn Kletke
Fall | Kindergarten

Tanya Adèle Koehnke
Fruitcakes | Russian Snow Globe

Stéphanie Lafleur
for Mémère, who agreed | Lightning...

Rebecca Leaver
Query | Snow Angel

Seymour Mayne
Crows | December Flight | Hail | Practice Run | September Rain

Peter Norman
Vancouver Spring

Susan Robertson
30 Below | Crow Crouching | Crow Flying | First Fall | Foreplay

Sarah Ruffolo
Nautical Coordinates | To Defenestrate

Maria Scala
14/lines... | Soaked... | Wednesday

Christal Steck
Back Alley Poet | Highway Hymnal | Parental Controls

Cactus Cook Sunday

Nicola Vulpe
The Poet Laureate of the Netherlands Finally Gets his Say in a Bar, Dancing

Ramesh Waghmare
Ghazal | Mystery | Smudge

Christine Zadorozny
Construction | For George | Noodle | Welcome

Margaret Malloch Zielinski
Around... | Ski...



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