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Near Cooper Marsh

by Jesse P. Ferguson

Remembered Moose

I. Fishing Trip, 1992.

Hard to tell his size
from far down the dirt road,
but as we approached
I found him smaller
than I would have guessed,
antlerless, young.
Did he also feel
that nausea,
mine from the bumpy motion
of our van, his from our intrusion?

II. On the Highway, 2002.

A carload of close friends
colliding with a sudden black mass,
steel crumpled, crazed safety glass,
antlers through the windshield—
thunder without lightning.

III. Trophy, Yesterday.

A slumped, sleek mound
dangling a limp tongue over
the tailgate of a rusted pickup,
lying in his own blood and waste,
barrelling down the highway
towards butchery and debasement.
And me, of a sudden, wishing
his hulking frame
smashed to pieces
on that truck’s grill,
rather than gutted and mastered
by irreverent knives.

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Copyright © 2006 by Jesse P. Ferguson
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