Forest Fire

Goldfinches Near Cooper Marsh

Beer and Rock Bass


The Creek Behind My House

The Game


En Route à Montréal/The Flowering Crab

Siamese Fighting Fish/Distant Carp

In Open Air

First Unmelting Flake


Remembered Moose

About the Poet


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Near Cooper Marsh

by Jesse P. Ferguson

About the Poet

Jesse P. Ferguson is a graduate student at the University of Ottawa. His poetry has appeared in the University of Ottawa magazines Nexus, Innuendo and Yawp. He has contributed to many other Canadian, American and UK publications, and has selected poems for the periodicals Yawp, Bywords and Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine. He loves to sing, and he plays several musical instruments.


Some of the poems in this collection have appeared in Ygdrasil, Redfez, Nexus, Yalla, Word Riot, Stride Magazine, Spire, Spillway Review and Carillon Magazine.

Many thanks to Nicholas Lea, Sarah Ruffolo, Jess Pope and Jennifer Leap for their thoughts on these poems, and special thanks to Friday Circle editors Gwen Guth, Seymour Mayne and Christal Steck for their support and insights.

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Copyright © 2006 by Jesse P. Ferguson
Electronic edition, 2006. ISBN 1-896362-40-0
Print edition forthcoming. ISBN 1-896362-41-9