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An Ottawa Anthology

Ottawa, along with Gatineau, its sister city on the other side of the Ottawa River, is at the confluence of three rivers with Ottawa also bisected by the Rideau Canal constructed almost two centuries ago. The canal as it loops and curves provides Ottawa with a singular urban shape—and also offers a number of key bridges that knit the city together in a mosaic of neighbourhoods that hug its banks.

For a number of years, chiefly in various locations and homes on the east bank of the Canal, a group of writers, almost all of whom in one way or another associated with the University of Ottawa, have been meeting and sharing their writings with each other.

Bridges: An Ottawa Anthology comprises recent work—poetry, short fiction, memoir—presenting a selection in a variety of voices and styles. Underlined by a commitment to craft, this miscellany offers literary bridges to the city of waterways connected in its communities by links of speech and heritage.

Copyright ©2019, the authors.
Bridges: An Ottawa Anthology
Cover art: Bridges on Rideau Canal, courtesy of Christal Steck.
ISBN: 978-1-896362-43-4

Also available in print from Ronald P Frye & Co.